Month: December 2023

Reflector Reflections – Ep 62 – The Year That Was 2023

End of year. The year that was. Appreciating all these conversations, time, support and all the in-between. In this episode we are appreciating our guests over 2023 as well as honouring my own journey as a 5/1 Reflector. Looking forward to 2024 and whatever comes. xx Annie 🟢|| CONTACT DETAILS ||🟢👉Facebook:👉Instagram: ➔ Stay…

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 61 – Michelle Cook – 6/3 Reflector living her design

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Michelle, a 6/3 Reflector, Quad Left with the Cross of Wishes. Michelle Angel is a Coach and Mentor specialising in trauma, crisis healing and all the in between. In this fun filled podcast we talk into Michelle’s experience of a life of the 6th line, plus the unconscious 3rd line….

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 60 – Updates from life here at Reflector Reflections – Annie Richardson

Today’s beautiful conversation is with myself and I’m just sharing something that hasn’t left me alone for a few months… The Void, and how we can understand ourselves better when we allow the contraction and the expansion to be present in our lives. I also give an update on where I would like this podcast…

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