Month: June 2024

Human Design Reflectors – Embracing our Messy, Embodied, Female selves with 2/5 Anaelle

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Anaelle, a 2/5 Reflector with the Cross of Tension. Anaelle is a Well being guide who helps humans gain self confidence and self love. She’s also the co-host of the podcast FUKIT, that she has with her partner of 13 years where they share their own stories. In our conversation…

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Annie’s Human Design Reflector VLOG – Navigating my process and empowering my creative flow

Hi, I’m Annie, a 5/1 Reflector. In this personal VLOG episode I am sharing some insights into my process, my Cross of Distraction, the journey of self and my AH-HAH moments of clarity with finding my own patterning through my unique cycles. I talk here into how I am freeing myself up from some business…

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Reflector’s Parenting by Design – A conversation between Laci (2/4) and Annie (5/1)

In this episode, Laci returns and we chat into Parenting as Reflectors. This is a long episode as we just speak into the space of our own journeys of being Mother’s as well as share our experiences of what has helped us navigate parenting the other types as Human Design Reflectors. Laci also shares some…

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