Month: March 2024

Reflector Reflections – Conversations with Cammie & Annie – 2 Reflector 5/1’s born 1 hour apart

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Cammie, a fellow 5/1 Reflector with the Cross of Distraction. Cammie and I are born 1 hour apart by UTC times and are what we call, Reflector Twins. Cammie was born in the States and I was born here in Australia. Our charts are 99% similar, with the following differences,…

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Reflector Reflections – Community Spotlight with Sarah Wilder – a 4/6 Glorious Generator

In this series, we are showcasing guests in the Human Design community and bringing recognition to them, in the work they do in the Human Design space and get to know them a little better in how they experiment and navigate their unique design. Today’s beautiful conversation is with Sarah Wilder. Sarah is a Quad…

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Australia’s first Human Design Conference – curated by Reflectors

Today’s conversation is with Amber Clements and I as we share what we’re up to here in Australia in bringing our first ever Human Design Conference here to Australia and share our personal journey of working together as 2 Reflectors. We’re so grateful to be supported by BodyGraphChart  @bodygraphchart  and Kip Winsett  @humandesignsystempro  who are…

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