Month: October 2023

Reflector Reflections – Ep 59 – Casey Marriott – Empowering humans + Career Niching

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Casey Marriott, 4/6 Reflector with the Cross of the 4 ways. She’s a fellow Australian residing in Mexico currently and is the leading lady of – The Self Wellness Project. In this conversation, Casey and I talk into her journey of discovering Human Design, Career Niching and her extensive travel…

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 58 – Leslie Stein – 4/1 Reflector sharing her Journey from U.S Pilot to Facilitator

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Leslie Stein, a 4/1 Reflector with the Juxtaposition Cross of Truth. In this conversation, Leslie shares her story of finding Human Design, her upbringing and how life led her to go to the Army and become a helicopter pilot. She shares the struggles and lessons that created a lifelong inner…

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