Month: February 2022

Reflector Reflections – Episode 19 – Britta Buchanan – Being a Reflector and a full-time Teacher

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Britta Britta is a 1/4 Reflector and an amazing full-time elementary classroom teacher. In this week’s podcast, we talk deeply about the impact being a full-time school teacher and a Reflector can have, as well as ways to navigate the impact that so many energy types in one room can have…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 18 – Take a Breath with Carolyn Hickey

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Carolyn Carolyn is a 2/4 Reflector and an Empowerment Guide who supports people in remembering their truest selves and embracing their higher gifts, Carolyn also resides in Australia, so this is another, “Aussie hour”. Carolyn is here to support you as you remember who you truly are. To walk with you…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 17 – Becca Daly – 3/5 Undefined and The Vision

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Becca Daly – AKA @HDundefined In this podcast, we really explore the 3rd line with Becca sharing with me tips and tricks that she’s found helped her navigate the 3/5 profile. We talk all things Reflector and delve into her new venture, The Vision. Becca is a 3 /5 Reflector who…

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