Reflector Reflections – Episode 17 – Becca Daly – 3/5 Undefined and The Vision

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Becca Daly – AKA @HDundefined

In this podcast, we really explore the 3rd line with Becca sharing with me tips and tricks that she’s found helped her navigate the 3/5 profile. We talk all things Reflector and delve into her new venture, The Vision.

Becca is a 3 /5 Reflector who uses Human Design, conscious business and marketing strategies to help make businesses feel easier, more efficient and fun.

Becca as part of her work loves teaching people how to structure their life in a way that supports how they’re naturally designed to operate. Alongside her fellow 3/5 Reflector business partner Juliana, they have developed The Vision – a program to delve into deep inner work to build an aligned business from the inside out.

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