Month: February 2023

Reflector Reflections – Ep 38 – The Vision with Becca & Jules 3/5 Entrepreneurs

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Becca Daly & Juliana James, who are both 3/5 Reflectors, co-creating life and business together as Entrepreneurs, with this episode spotlighting their lovechild, The Vision. Becca has been on Reflector Reflections before, in Episode 17 – so we welcome Jules with a big loving embrace. In this episode, we talk…

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 37 – Journeys with Jeremy – 1/3 Reflector

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Jeremy Harris. Jeremy is a 1/3 Reflector and during today’s chat we talk on Jeremy finding Human Design, his upbringing and he shares how his life in the military has been, especially being a Reflector. We speak into the feeling of being so many variations of personalities to different people,…

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 36 – Reflector 5/1 catch-ups with Tricia Carr

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Tricia Carr. Tricia is a 5/1 Reflector, a gorgeous soul worker in the space of energetics, hypnotherapy, metaphysics, and has her own podcast, Charmed Life. In this catch-up podcast, episode 36 (her sun gate!) Tricia and I discuss podcasting and how that works for us behind the scenes, especially as 5/1’s…

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