Reflector Reflections – Ep 38 – The Vision with Becca & Jules 3/5 Entrepreneurs

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Becca Daly & Juliana James, who are both 3/5 Reflectors, co-creating life and business together as Entrepreneurs, with this episode spotlighting their lovechild, The Vision.

Becca has been on Reflector Reflections before, in Episode 17 – so we welcome Jules with a big loving embrace.

In this episode, we talk deeply into doing Business as a Reflector. Jules and Becca share their story of meeting and setting up The Vision. We talk into the comparison of others, the struggles, and being able to do the shadow work WHILST doing business is beneficial.

Being in both Jules and Becca’s energy felt so safe and comforting, and I could only imagine how that translates out with the programs they run.


xx Annie

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