Month: October 2021

Reflector Reflections – Episode 2: Zack Peckinpah – The Calibration Consultant

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Zack Peckinpah. Zack is a 6/2 Reflector and brings his wonderful energy and wisdom to this conversation where he shares his life, his journey through Human Design, his Coaching business and his current observations as he sits on top of the roof. Zack has his own coaching business, helping fearful…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 1: Amber Clements – Barometer of the World

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Amber Clements. Amber is a 1/3 reflector, an international author, a qualified Human Design Analyst, a Quantum level 4 Design Specialist and Quantum Alignment Practitioner who has presented for the past two years at the International Human Design conference, hosted by Karen Curry Parker. Amber runs her own business, Change your…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 0: The beginning

Each week we’ll travel the world talking with fellow Reflectors on their unique journey of experimentation through Human Design. In this episode, Annie share’s just a snippet of the reasons she created this series, a  little about her life finding out she was a Human Design Reflector and how that’s impacted her and more importantly,…

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