Month: May 2022

Reflector Reflections – Episode 27 – Tricia Carr – Expanding Consciousness with Nature + Spirit

Today’s beautiful conversation is with, Tricia Carr. Tricia brings so much to this conversation and it was so wonderful to connect with her and sit in space with this fellow lunar being. As one Empath to another, this was MAGICAL. We’re all empaths as Reflectors and even though our life purpose isn’t always to delve…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 26 – Kodie Smiley – Podcasting, Motherhood and the 6/3 life

Today’s beautiful conversation is with… Kodie In this episode, Kodie and I talk about her journey as a 6/3 Reflector, being married to a Splenic Projector and becoming a mother to two generator types. We talk about our Saturn returns and the changes that occur in that, as well as discuss some more of the…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 25 – Annie Richardson – Demanding respect and taking back your power

Today’s beautiful conversation is with, me.. your host, Annie. For those that don’t know me, I am a 5/1 Reflector and am still navigating what it means to be a Reflector. I’m in my 46th year and am finding it harder and harder to be defined by labels. For “work”, I support women during pregnancy,…

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