Month: June 2023

Reflector Reflections – Ep 52 – David Roman – 5/1 Reflector – Divine Creation & Soul Blueprint Art

Today’s beautiful conversation is with David. David is a fellow 5/1 Reflector, with the Cross of Refinement. David is the founder of Soul Blueprint Art, an established artist who has been on a spiritual journey since childhood. In this episode we talk into David’s journey through life, from relocating from Romania, to the UK, finding…

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 50 – Jess – 1/3 Quad Right Reflector – Sacred Feminine & Raising Reflectors

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Jess. Jess is a 1/3 Quad Right Reflector who advocates for parenting by design and is raising a gorgeous little Reflector child, Jasper, who is a 4/6 Reflector. In this conversation we explore Jess’s journey of life, finding Human Design, discovering she was pregnant, navigating change, motherhood and finding out…

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Reflector Reflections – Ep 49 – Aby 5/2 Manifestor living with a Reflector

In this conversation, we talk with the beautiful, heart-charged 5/2 Aby and her initiation into Human Design via her 2/4 Reflector partner Thomas. This is a real and very open conversation where Aby shares her beautiful true self as she is navigates finding out she is a Manifestor. Aby shares her journey of finding Human…

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