Reflector Reflections – Ep 49 – Aby 5/2 Manifestor living with a Reflector

In this conversation, we talk with the beautiful, heart-charged 5/2 Aby and her initiation into Human Design via her 2/4 Reflector partner Thomas. This is a real and very open conversation where Aby shares her beautiful true self as she is navigates finding out she is a Manifestor.

Aby shares her journey of finding Human Design, as well as talks about navigating life with a Reflector partner as an Emotional Manifestor.

We talk into her profile, how she’s learning to navigate acceptance of her unique design as well as her journey through deconditioning.

Our dual 5th lines really came out here and I was so chuffed to be in Aby’s energy. I have a special love for Manifestors. I feel, as a 5th line, the Manifestor and I can just GET TO THE POINT so they often feel very nourishing for me. As Reflectors, the Manifestor can also feel like the “same same, outcasts” but different and I feel for most parts we don’t often piss each other off.

Enjoy Aby, my Angels.


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