Reflector Reflections – Ep 59 – Casey Marriott – Empowering humans + Career Niching

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Casey Marriott, 4/6 Reflector with the Cross of the 4 ways. She’s a fellow Australian residing in Mexico currently and is the leading lady of – The Self Wellness Project.

In this conversation, Casey and I talk into her journey of discovering Human Design, Career Niching and her extensive travel history, as well as get into Reflector downloads, dating as a Reflector, showing up and feeling into the global consciousness (ideas) and ways she is processing her de-conditioning.

What I also love about this conversation is Casey’s way of encouraging us to REFLECT. To be able to show up and be our true authentic selves. Very inspirational.

It’s a great conversation and I thank, Casey for coming on and having a deep chat with me.

xx Annie


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