Community Spotlight – Amy Ruth 4/6 Projector – Play Therapy and Parenting by Design

In this series, we are showcasing guests in the Human Design community and bringing recognition to them, in the work they do in the Human Design space and get to know them a little better in how they experiment and navigate their unique design.

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Amy. Amy is a 4/6 Splenic Projector with the Cross of Contagion. As well as being a Human Design Parenting wizard with long term studies and certifications in Human Design, Amy brings deep lived wisdom not only in Human design but also in Psychology and Play Profiling.

In this episode, we talk into Amy’s experience in the HD space, parenting by design, parenting a manifestor + projector child and traveling Australia with undefined and open Ge centres.

Amy will be joining me at our first Human Design Conference here in Australia as a speaker/presenter/facilitator. We’re extremely excited to bring this to our own community here in Australia and share our love of Human Design with our community.

xx Annie



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