Community Spotlight – Vaness Henry – 6/2 Manifestor – Variables, Environments & Healing in HD

In this series, we are showcasing guests in the Human Design community and bringing recognition to them, in the work they do in the Human Design space and get to know them a little better in how they experiment and navigate their unique design.

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Vaness Henry a 6/2 heart led Manifestor, with the Left Angle Cross of Healing. Vaness for those who haven’t had the privilege of encountering, ((YET)), produces Human Design Edutainment and playful reference tools, placing an emphasis on wellness and spaciousness in the Human Design space.

Vaness is most recognized for their amazing perspectives on Variable and Environment energetics and teachings and I have learned so much from about my own design since joining the Wellness club.

Vaness is the real deal, and I felt like this podcast was a very special reading just for me, to be honest. Their life journey, wisdom and experience is profound and the support of us Reflectors is just “hand on heart” nourishing to be in presence with.

Enjoy this podcast friends and even if you are not yet at this point in variables, please save this and come back to it, or join the Wellness Club and learn from one of the very best.

xx Annie


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