Cuppas & Catch-ups with Britta – 1/4 Reflector – Human Design + Akashic Records

Welcome to Cuppas and Catch-ups, an extension of the original, Where Are They Now series.

In today’s episode we catch-up with Britta Buchanan, a 1/4 Reflector with the Cross of Rulership. This is Britta’s 3rd time on the podcast and it’s so wonderful to catch-up with her as we navigate life together over the past 3 years.

During this chat, we talk more into Britta’s transition from Full Time work into going out on her own and building up her own business. She shares her journey into taking more formalised HD training as well as stepping into the Akashic Records and becoming a reader. Britta takes us on a journey of weaving HD and the Akashic records and we share our personal stories of both our work in the Akasha.

Enjoy this beautiful chat and Britta gifts us with a community reading at the end as well as a discount code (ALIGNEDREFLECTORS) for 20% off her readings.

xx Annie


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