Reflector Reflections – Episode 23 – Paroxus – The Key to Yourself

Today’s beautiful conversation is with… Paroxus.

We talk on a deep fundamental level about what it’s like to be a Reflector and feel into Paroxus’s 14-year journey of experimenting with this unique design.

As a Reflector, we speak about how it can feel like a rule book as opposed to being a recommendation and an experience.

We talk about the Penta and how this influences us and we also share the journey of becoming a mother as a Reflector and the challenges.

Paroxus shares his journey of being a single Reflector, to being in a relationship with another Reflector, to then becoming a father to a Manifesting Generator. He shares the challenges and the beauty.

He brings his beautiful masculine, calm energy and wisdom to this conversation and the offerings he is providing via his platform –

Please reach out to Paroxus if you are looking for a guide.. someone who truly has done this work and KNOWS, within the core of his being, what this feels like.

We need to wake up!

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