Reflector Reflections – Ep 40 – Ell – 5/1 Reflector – Astrology & Human Design

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Ell, The Astrologer, a gorgeous fellow 5 / 1 Reflector – A student of the stars, maiden of magick, alchemy and anarchy. Ell is the curator of the Stellar Sanctum where she shares her wisdom, writings, readings, masterclasses and ebooks with the world.

In this episode we explore Ell’s journey in finding Human Design and being a Reflector. We talk into the 5/1 profile and get a little heretical on the Human Design Community, the bullshit information floating about on Reflectors and tap into ways in which we each work with our unique design, as only 2 5/1’s can.

Ell shares her wisdom with Nature, self acceptance and gives some amazing Astrological insights into the unfoldings happening this month (march 2023).

Ell’s website is filled with amazing goodness and her Instagram is packed full of free information and self discoveries. Ell is also launching her first course, Zodiacal Releasing, a tool to revolutionise the way you show up in your business and career.

Keep watch on Ell’s social media or sign up for her newsletter for more information.

You can reach Elle and sign up via:

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