Reflector Reflections – Ep 47 – Annie 5/1 Reflector – Tips to finding you, Dear Reflector.

Today’s beautiful conversation is with just me, Annie, a 5/1 Reflector with the Cross of Distraction.

In this very brief podcast, I have listened to and am responding to the calls of “How can I find me!”. I share in this podcast how I have found my Joy, and how I encourage others to find their joy. As part of being a Reflector sometimes the hardest part is finding where we end and others begin, so I speak into this a little.

I am launching LUNARversity, a hub for all to learn, teach and embody. It’s a labour of love and is starting to channel out through my body into the world…

I also offer 1:1 and group coaching in Human Design, Family Design and Maternal Coaching.

It’s an exciting time to be alive friends.


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