Reflector Reflections – Ep 48 – Mel Rubin – 5/1 Reflector – Empowerment and New Earth Leaders

Today’s beautiful conversation is with the VIBRANT Mel M Rubin, a fellow 5/1 Reflector

5th LINES! YEAH, BABY! We are PUNCHY AF at times and I LOVE IT… Oo it gets spicy and delicious and a very “THIS IS HOW IT IS, FRIENDS!”. No fucking around here. Projection field? What projection field?

In this week’s episode, I welcome our rainbow warrior, fellow 5/1 Reflector, Mel Rubin.

Mel joins us from Bali and we briefly explore her discovery of Human Design and her 5th line but detour into talking empowerment and ways to better understand ourselves and get out of our own damn way.

What a bright spark you are in the world, Mel. Thank you for BEing YOU!

Enjoy meeting Mel!


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