Reflector Reflections – Ep 53 – Jessie Raye – 1/3 Reflector – Hello Beautiful Human

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Jessie

Jessie is a left arrow 1/3 Reflector with the Cross of the Maya and Jessie came into my orbit early on in this podcast as she’d send me voice notes sharing her experience with each podcast I released. We got chatting more and more and before you knew it, she became one of my kin… a friend, a daughter, a confidant, and someone I treasure.

Jessie is a Mental Health Warrior, a Writer, a Poet, a Dreamer and soon to be hosting her own Podcast, Hello Beautiful Human. You can explore her writings via the Substack link below.

I’m so grateful this gorgeous soul decided to come on the podcast and share some of HER.



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