Reflector Reflections – Ep 54 – Nadine – 3/5 Reflector – Navigating life, HD and Sobriety

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Nadine.

Nadine is a quad left 3/5 with the Incarnation Cross of Eden.

In this episode we talk into Nadine’s journey of discovering Human Design and the hiatus she went on before reconnecting with it a few years ago. Nadine shares her journey of sobriety and overcoming perfectionism and the ways she has rewired herself.

I’m very grateful for Nadine’s openness and honesty in sharing this story.

Disclaimer: If you are struggling with addiction, it’s crucial to remember that addiction to drugs or alcohol is not a character flaw, a weakness, or a moral failing and there is help available. Fighting addiction is not a matter of willpower or desire – it’s a matter of recognizing a problem and seeking help.


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