Reflector Reflections – Episode 32 – Catch-ups with Laci 2/4

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Laci

I love this open and raw real chat and am SO grateful for Laci being her beautiful self and sharing all of this with us. Her sharing openly makes it so much easier for us to feel the load lighten in life. Most of us are limited in how we navigate our experiment, due to parental duties, work/life and this is an open invitation to say to you, HEY, IT’S OK!.

Laci is a quad left, 2/4 Reflector, and a family Physician residing in Texas. Laci was on episode 13.

We also get into her family life, her amazing intuitive abilities, creating and having boundaries, as well as conditioning, not self themes, people, places, and ALL the things.
Enjoy this very fluid, peaceful catch-up as two friends connect across the globe.

xx Annie

Laci’s Contact details:

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