Reflector Reflections – Episode 4 : Karishma Rupani – Life Guide + Dharma Coach

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Karishma Rupani.

Karishma is a 1/3 Reflector who was born in Japan, raised in Singapore and is culturally Indian. She defines herself as a third culture kid who is constantly curious about the world.

Using her own experience as a guiding point, Karishma is a quarter-life guide and dharma coach – which means she focuses on looking at an individual’s birth chart, using it to allow each person to journey back to their innate selves and help them unlock their unique truths, purpose and gifts.

Through tools like Human Design, Sound Meditation, Astrology and so many more, Karishma has found the greatest freedom to fully be herself and to live a life in alignment with her own energetic blueprint.

Karishma can also be contacted via


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