Reflector Reflections – Ep 45 – Ileana 4/6 – Astrology, Energy Healing, Plant Medicine, Abuse Survivor

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Ileana a 4/6 Reflector, who comes from a long ancestral lineage of curanderas from Yucatán peninsula as well as Taino curanderas from the island of Puerto Rico.

Ileana is a very passionate astrologer, tarot reader at Matriarch Astrology and also a talented artist making, candles and magick tools via her Etsy shop, The Blackcat Parlour.

In this episode we talk into Ileana’s history, her discovery of finding Human Design, her healing journey through abuse, and how she’s navigated forgiveness through many healing modalities. We share her life as Mother raising 3 children and the journey of parenthood through the lens of being a Reflector.


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