Reflector Reflections

Reflector Reflections – Ep 45 – Ileana 4/6 – Astrology, Energy Healing, Plant Medicine, Abuse Survivor

Today’s beautiful conversation is with Ileana a 4/6 Reflector, who comes from a long ancestral lineage of curanderas from Yucatán peninsula as well as Taino curanderas from the island of Puerto Rico. Ileana is a very passionate astrologer, tarot reader at Matriarch Astrology and also a talented artist making, candles and magick tools via her…

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Reflector Reflections – Episode 19 – Britta Buchanan – Being a Reflector and a full-time Teacher

Today’s beautiful conversation is with….Britta Britta is a 1/4 Reflector and an amazing full-time elementary classroom teacher. In this week’s podcast, we talk deeply about the impact being a full-time school teacher and a Reflector can have, as well as ways to navigate the impact that so many energy types in one room can have…

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